Ali Reza Saadatmand,
Born on 1977 – IRAN
Painter – Calligraphist – Photographer – Ceramist
In pursuit of achieving a new and contemporary expression, he has benefited
from old calligraphies and plain symbolic forms. He does not intent to
recreate the past. Human in contrast with tradition and modernity is his
concern. Sometimes, he leads to abstract ambiences; other times, he reaches
symbolic forms.
He has never considered handwriting as a decorative element. Every time he
works with it, he finds new compositions which are rooted in the 1000 years
of his fore-fathers tradition, and at the same time faces the future.
In his mind Saadatmand analyzes the appearance of the words and creates an
abstract, personal and aesthetic form.

Most of the artworks have been extracted from mythical patterns, transformed into abstract while presenting
Realism has not been my intention, but a way to express and illustrate my thoughts and ideas through form of coins and mythical patterns
Simplicity of forms and using limited tones are factors of my work
I believe that the main part of an artwork happens in the viewers’ eyes and mind;
while in this process, the artist only leaves a trace of reality in the work .

individual Exhibitions:

Toumanian Museum – Yerevan Armenia 2016
Sareban Gallery – Tehran October 2011
Sareban Gallery – Tehran February 2011
Art Center (in association with Tehran Art Center) – Paris 2010
Art Center – Tehran 2010
Pasargad Gallery – Tehran 2009
Manchester Islamic Center 2006
Islamic Center of Ahl-e-Sonnat – London 2006
Melal Gallery – Tehran 1999

Group Exhibitions:

Mitsukoshi art gallery – Tokyo – Japan 2018
The memory and object – museum of Certosa di San Giacomo – Italy 2017
Nun Wa al Qalam Contemporary Muslim Calligraphy : The Collection of the Islamic Arts
Museum Malaysia 2013
Iranian Contemporary Artists Charity Exhibition for MS patients Tehran- Mahe-mehr Gallery
Rereading of Calligraphy and Written Elements in Modern Iranian Art- Tehran- Pardis Mellat
Gallery 2011
Art Dubai – Dubai 2011
Iranian Contemporary Artists – Masqat 2011
Haft Negah” Exposition – Tehran, 2007, 2009, 2010
Calligraphy Exhibition _ Sareban Gallery _ Tehran, 2010
Calligraphy Exhibition _ Malaysia Museum (& Purchase by the Museum ), 2010
Contemporary Artists – Mah-e-Mehr Gallery, Tehran 2010
Three Generations of Iranian Contemporary Painters – Art Center, Tehran 2010
Iranian Contemporary Artists – Iranica Complex, U. S. A, 2010
Calligraphy Exhibition _ Shams Gallery _Tehran, 2009
Iranian Contemporary Painters – Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran 2007
Koran Art Festival” – Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran 2005